Research has been largely conducted on Minecraft games and the reason behind their popularity. The main reason as to why many people love these games is that it really stimulates one’s imagination. It comes with a large number of options and it allows one to create and develop anything that they want using the supplies and blocks that have been made available by the game. It is not only fun to play but it is also beautifully engaging and it provides players with a platform to bring their imagination to life.


Minecraft games have been shown to be very god at stimulating the mind. Within the game, one is usually expected to use the supplies and blocks that are made available to create anything that they would like. You are supposed to put your mid to task and come up with a certain creation of your own. The creation should of course be functional and it should be one that makes sense. This is game that really pushes the players to use their mind.

The environment in which the games put players is one that really stimulates mental growth. Apart from that, it is one that helps them to develop very good problem solving and critical thinking skills. As a Minecraft player, one is able to assess a situation, look at the resources that are available at their disposal and then be able to select what exactly can be made out of that situation that has been presented in front of them.

If you look at this environment very carefully, it essentially presents the situations that we have to deal with in our day to day lives. Every single day as we live our lives, we are normally faced with very many different situations; some are easy to deal with while are difficult to deal with. Regardless of the type of situation that one finds themselves in, it is usually upon them to use the resources available at their disposal to solve that situation. Continuously playing of these games helps one to harness their skills in using the resources that are available to them to deal with situations around them and come up with solutions for the situations.

The popularity of Minecraft can largely be placed on the fact that it is a fun and entertaining game to play but the fact that it also contribute largely to one harnessing critical life skills is one that cannot also be ignored.

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