4 Things that Make Russian Immigration to America Challenging

As large as Russia is, it only takes a few hundred emigrants to the US every year. Yeah, there are fewer Russians entering the US than Africans, Asians and Southern Americans. There are a handful of reasons to blame for this, some of which are beyond the capabilities of the Russian people. Below are some of them.

Scale of Immigration Fraud

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If you have been trying to move to the US for long with no avail, you probably have encountered people asking you for money to get you a visa to the US. It is not just you actually. There are thousands of fraudsters out there who dupe Russians of millions of dollars every year in the name of offering “guaranteed Russian immigration to America help.” In the end, it is usually a lie; a lie that discourages many other Russians for seeking emigration to the US.

Visas are Few

Ask anyone who has been to the US. Getting a temporary work visa or a tourism visa isn’t easy. In fact, you have to provide tons of details to get a short term visa to land in the free world. And when it comes to immigration, the process isn’t easier. People spend months and years trying to fill the necessary documentation to get citizenship for the US but only a handful of them actually get there.

Frequent Deportation

Well, things are not easy in US for the Russia who can’t keep off drunk driving. Deportation is a norm, especially if you can’t follow the simple rules that govern Americans. Fortunately, most people could avoid deportation if they want to. And if you struggled for years to get your Russian immigration to America details certified, why would you mess up your new citizenship?

Fewer Russian Americans Helping “Our Brother” Out

Most Russians in the US tend to refer other men as brothers or sisters for the ladies. Unfortunately, not many of them help their real brothers and friends get citizenship to the US. Compared to South Americans, Russians or even fellow Europeans, Russians seldom use their legal rights to help other Russians get to America.

All in all, it is not easy to get a Russian immigration to America green light. You have to work hard for it, and once there you have to live by the new rules. This also applies to everyone else trying to get to the US, because their rules apply to everyone after all.

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