When creating a premium digital product, the one thing that you should never forget is that you will charge more money for it. This then simply means that you will have to ensure that it is offering the market more value than the original product. Below are some ideas on how you can make that happen.

Make the premium version longer; include additional pages or additional words. Just make sure that it has more content than what was originally being offered.

The premium version ought to come with increased quality and more detail. For instance, you can include more useful contacts, interviews, case histories, figures and facts.

Include in the premium digital product a number of free products, these will be products that buyers of your basic product had to buy. However, when selling the premium version, include these products as freebies and your market will definitely find buying the premium version a better option.


Have your premium version have increased features. For instance you can have it contain helpful software. The easiest way to achieve his though would be to first make the premium version of the product then break it down into the basic version.

To make the product a premium one, you can also include a number of after sale services such as consultancy and mentoring.

The premium version of your product should also contain audio and visual elements making it much easier and more fun to use. Remember that the market comprises of different people and there are those that are abstract learners while there are those that are visual learners and so on and so forth.

Simply put; the premium version should be seen as offering a better, simpler and more convenient way to enjoy the value that the basic version was offering. It should be seen to come with much more benefits compared to the basic version and it will sell very easily.

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